[Trial] Weekly Task - Positive Thinking

Article of the Week - Positive Thinking

Read this article and answer the questions at the bottom. I really look forward to your answers.



STEP 1: Slash Reading


Positive thinkers are more likely to live longer

than negative thinkers.

※A is more likely to … than B=AはBより…しそうである(する可能性が高い)

This is according to a combination of studies

※a combination of ~=~の組み合わせ

conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine

into the health of people in the USA.

※study into ~=~に関する研究

Researchers looked at data

on the health of 70,000 female nurses

and 1,500 male military veterans.

※military veteran:退役軍人

They discovered

that people who were optimists (people who thought positively)

were more likely to live to the age of 85.

※live to the age of ~=~歳まで生きる

They said

people who were more pessimistic (those who thought negatively)

were 11-15 percent less likely

to live to that age.

The researchers believe

that optimists (positive thinkers) found it easier

to manage stress than pessimists (negative thinkers).

※manage stress=ストレスとうまく付き合う

Participants in the two studies

answered questions in a survey.

The questions assessed their levels of optimism.


The surveys matched these levels

with the participants' overall level of health.

※match A with B=AとBのマッチング(組み合わせ)をする

They were also asked

about their levels of exercise, their diets,

as well as how much they smoked and drank.

Professor Lewina Lee said:

"Our findings speak to the possibility

※speak to ~=~を証明する、~を論じる

that raising levels of optimism

may promote longevity and healthy aging."


She had some advice for pessimists

who might want to live longer.

The advice was to,

"imagine a future

in which everything has turned out well".

※turn out well=結果的にうまくいく

She urged people to increase levels of optimism.

※urge A to …=Aに…することを促す(呼びかける)

She said it was healthier for people

to look on the bright side of life.


STEP 2: Reading Aloud


1.Listen and Repeat(リッスン・アンド・リピート)








STEP 3: Writing


  1. Are you a positive thinker?
  2. What positive activities can you do?
  3. What positive things do you want for your future?

STEP 4: Reading Aloud


1.Read Aloud(音読)


2.Read and Look Up(リード・アンド・ルックアップ)



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